Aaron Peskin Labels Ed Lee, David Chiu 'Lightweights'

In the wake of last night's epic progressive fumble attempting to maneuver a left-of-center candidate into Mayor Gavin Newsom's chair, progressive stalwart Aaron Peskin rained bitter words on everyone involved.

The former Board of Supervisors president, who was nominated to succeed Newsom along with Art Agnos, Mike Hennessey, and Ed Lee, said he turned down the bid. “I got a call to say I was nominated from the clerk's office,” Peskin says. “That's nice. They asked 'will you accept?' I said no.” When asked why he turned down his (admittedly Quixotic) chance to be mayor, Peskin answered “The class of 2008 is a hot mess. They're getting played by the super rich like nobody's business.” He would not elaborate on this condemnation of Supervisors David Chiu, Eric Mar, John Avalos, and David Campos.

Peskin then turned his rancor on Lee — who seems likely to succeed Newsom after seven supervisors pledged to support him — and former Peskin protege Chiu.

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