AB 455, Which Would Have Given Labor Huge Hand in Setting Wages, Is Vetoed

A bill that would have given the SEIU direct control over the body that sets the wages for San Francisco's mayor and board was yesterday vetoed by the governor

SF Weekly readers may recall a late June article about AB 455. That statewide bill would have altered the composition of counties' civil service commissions, splitting appointing authority between the county board of supervisors and its largest union. Here in San Francisco, that'd be the SEIU; in the San Jose district of bill author Assemblywoman Nora Campos, it'd be AFSCME — which, interestingly, sponsored this bill. 
Civil service commissions establish wages, work rules, and benefits; adjudicate workplace disputes; and set minimum qualifications and standards for job examinations. Here in San Francisco, it also determines elected officials' compensation. Also in the city, it's a mayorally appointed body. AB 455 would have stripped that power from the mayor and divided the appointments between the labor-friendly Board of Supervisors and labor itself. 

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