ACLU Explains What’s Next After Travel Ban Halted

The ACLU of Northern California spells out their strategy now that an appeals court has overturned Trump’s executive order on Muslim travelers.

The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals may have ruled against President’s Trump’s travel ban, but the legal battles continue against the executive order banning immigrants from seven Muslim-majority nations. The ACLU of Northern California, who have their own civil suit challenging the travel ban, issued a statement to SF Weekly just hours after the court handed down their Thursday, February 9 decision.

“Today’s ruling is reason to celebrate,” ACLU of Northern California Senior Staff Attorney Julia Mass said in the statement. “If the court had granted the Trump administration’s request, U.S. citizens, residents, and their family members here and across the world would have once again been facing chaos and uncertainty. The Trump administration was unable to show the court a real need to immediately reinstitute the Muslim ban.”

The immediate implication of the appeals court’s decision is that visa-holding travelers from the seven countries named in the travel ban can once again enter the United States. Additionally, the U.S. refugee admission program is fully back in place, with no bias for or against any identifiable religious group. But this is only a temporary suspension of the ban, and roughly 20 other lawsuits nationwide continue to challenge the ban’s provisions.

“The ACLU’s case in the Northern District of California, Al-Mowafak v. Trump, continues,” Mass’ statement said. “In addition to challenging the Executive Order, the ACLU and co-counsel — Keker Van Nest & Peters LLP — are challenging the State Department’s January 27 revocation letter, which revoked an estimated 60,000 to 100,000 visas. As the Washington case moves forward, we will continue to litigate on behalf of our clients in California.”

So the ACLU and its various regional branches continue to challenge the ban on behalf of thousands of affected immigrants. But after the appeals court victory, the ACLU still took time out to have a little fun at Trump’s expense on Twitter.

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