Activists Celebrate Trump’s Birthday by Demanding ‘Impeachment Now’

No doubt hoping to get the attention of Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her staff, people gathered outside the Federal Building to call for the president's removal from office.

Today is the 73rd birthday of a certain president of the United States. In a bid to nudge the Speaker of the House toward what they see as her constitutional duty, a group of activists gathered outside the Federal Building on Seventh Street in Colonial era garb to demand that Nancy Pelosi sign on to impeachment, as she has been reluctant to do. (Her district office is located there.)

Whether Pelosi sincerely believes that Donald Trump is “not worth it,” really does belong in prison, or has been playing a long game to build popular support for removing the president from office, these activists adamantly want action. And in a sense, it’s nice to see people reclaiming the 18th-century apparel that had long been the province of Tea Party activists in tricorner hats, the kind of people who did that “Hear ye, hear ye, the President is a Muslim from Kenya” nonsense where they would faux-whisper President Obama’s first and last name while bellowing his middle name, and then also hang him in effigy. This was much more tasteful, and they got more than a few honks from passing drivers.

Notably, the Federal Building has been the site of numerous protests over the last few years, including projections calling for the U.S. to abolish ICE or referring to the president as a traitor.


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