Actually, Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom Is Really Busy

Remember last January when Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom was reflecting on his political career, and so eloquently remarked to NY Times columnist Maureen Dowd that in a few years “you'll see me as a clerk of a wine store.”

Turns out, that wasn't really a stretch!

We had a good chuckle when we read the Chron's Paolo Lucchesi's column today, which informed us that Newsom has reinvolved himself with PlumpJack, the wine business he founded and then left while he was San Francisco mayor.

“I've never seen him busier,” Newsom's sister and PlumpJack president, Hilary Newsom Callan, tells the Chron. “Now that he doesn't have any more local conflict, he's back involved in the PlumpJack business.”

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