ADA Lawsuit Factory in SF

This week, SF Weekly writer Ron Russell nails SF attorney Tom Frankovich and his disabled clients for sueing small businesses to make them accessible — and making millions.

Some highlights:

“In four years, [the handicapped] Molski filed more than 500 ADA legal claims, becoming, in Southern California at least, a poster boy for so-called “drive-by” ADA lawsuits. (Frankovich represented Molski in 232 of those cases.)”

One rival attorney estimates Frankovich has made $10 million from Molski cases alone.

“[It’s] ‘virtually impossible for a business, large or small, to say with absolute confidence that they are 100 percent compliant’ …”

“… the judge was arguably even harsher with Frankovich. He accused him of teaming up with Molski and other “serial filers” to file a barrage of “cookie-cutter” lawsuits that were essentially identical “down to the typos.”

“… records show that Loskot has been the plaintiff in at least 92 such lawsuits since 2000, averaging one a month during the last 7 1/2 years.”

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