Adorable Baby Sea Lion Rescued From Highway 101

Does the young sea lion hold a candle to Bathsheba the elephant seal?

San Francisco may have the Pier 39 sea lions but none could possibly melt your heart like the one with a heart-shaped nose rescued by the California Highway Patrol on Tuesday morning.

Around 8:30 a.m. Tuesday, a San Francisco CHP Officer received a call of a distressed sea lion on Highway 101. The little lion was stranded on the northbound lane, just before the South San Francisco exit. 

Before you get too worked up about the fate of this sea lion, CHP reported that it appeared healthy and uninjured. What you should get worked up over is the image of its little curious head poking out the backseat window next to a Walgreens truck and, more importantly, the closeup of it curled up with an adorable look at the camera that puts its heart-shaped nose on full display.

CHP took the sea lion to the Peninsula SPCA but Sausalito’s Marine Mammal Center is likely to step in. After a wave of sea lion attacks in Aquatic Park last year, this little tyke could easily return marine mammals the goodwill earned by Bathsheba, the 900-pound elephant seal.

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