After a 14-Year Effort, Gun Show Ban at Cow Palace Might Actually Happen

Gov. Jerry Brown hasn't publicly commented on whether he would, once again, veto a ban on gun shows at Cow Palace.

California governors Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jerry Brown each had a chance to ban gun shows held at the state-owned Cow Palace in Daly City, bordering San Francisco.

In passing a similar bill by state Sen. Scott Wiener on Thursday, the California Legislature is posing the question to Brown five years after he vetoed one. Brown has not publicly stated his intents with the latest approved bill, which comes with ever-growing calls for gun reform.

Wiener and Assemblymember Phil Ting, both San Francisco representatives, introduced the bill in April as the fourth effort since 2004 to ban gun shows at the venue. Crossroads of the West hosts the shows five times each year and has controversially pressed forward in the aftermath of mass shootings, like its show in April after a school shooting in Parkland, Fla. killed 17 people.

“With the passage of SB 221, state lawmakers sent a message to residents near the Cow Palace that we hear them loud and clear,” Ting said in a statement. “I hope the governor allows the community to have a say in what kind of events are permissible at this facility.”

Senate Bill 221 stops the sale of guns and ammunition on the property, save for gun buyback events held by law enforcement. It would take effect in January 2020, when Cow Palace will no longer be under contract to allow the shows.

Students nearby at Jefferson High School are no exception to the growing movement for gun reform, joining the nationwide walkout in March

“The thing we hear from students over and over again regarding gun issues is that they’re afraid,” said Amirah Tulloch, a recent Jefferson High School graduate, in April. “They’ve shifted from learning environments to places where they’re not even sure they’re going to survive the day.”

Should Brown decline to sign the bill again, Wiener vowed to bring it back until gun shows no longer take place at Cow Palace.

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