Airbnb Ousts Nearly 1,000 SF Home Listings

Home-sharing service removes 923 San Francisco listings from landlords who are renting out too many locations on the site.

If you’re running an Airbnb side gig with multiple apartments or homes listed in San Francisco, your gig may be up. The apartment and home-sharing service has scrubbed 923 San Francisco listings from its site for hosts who had multiple homes for rent on their account.

Airbnb has a “One Host, One Home” policy — but it only applies in cities that have given Airbnb a hard time over abuses of the platform. The “One Host, One Home” policy states that a registered host on the platform can only list one address, and the policy applies in San Francisco, New York, and Portland.

Airbnb notes in a press release that they have removed nearly 1,000 San Francisco listings in the 11 months since the policy went into effect here.

“As part of our One Host, One Home policy in San Francisco, we have removed 923 listings that appeared to be shared by hosts with multiple entire unit listings that could impact long-term housing availability or did not provide the best possible experience on our platform,” the company said in a release.

Of the 923 listings that violate the policy, more than half of these were listed as “Shared room” listings. That means that visitors do not have the bedroom to themselves. That does not sound like a particularly comfy way to travel!

Airbnb has roughly 10,000 properties listed in San Francisco, so removing 923 is a fairly significant chunk. But according to the Office of Short-Term Rental, only 1,877 of those listings are properly registered. In other words, thousands of illegal Airbnb listings do remain on the market.

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