Allegations of 'Phantom Voting' in Police Union Election

Accusations as to whether “phantom voting” helped San Francisco Police Officer's Association President Gary Delagnes win reelection fairly surfaced today on the blog of outspoken former cop Andrew Cohen.

Despite grumblings about the longtime union president, Delagnes managed to beat out veteran cop Steve Landi last month in a runoff with 60 percent of the vote.

But Cohen, the former SFPD officer who left the department after the videogate scandal broke, posted a video of himself voting in the most recent POA election — despite the fact that he is no longer an active member, and should not have been able to log onto the website.

Cohen also posted the e-mail from the POA election committee confirming his vote.

“How could, of all people, me, Andrew Cohen, the primary nemesis of the

current POA regime, and the most vocal and well-known protagonist

against the POA President and his practices, be allowed to vote in this

election process?” wrote Cohen.

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