Alleged Oakland University Gunman Declared Mentally Incompetent to Stand Trial

A judge has ruled that One Goh, the 47-year-old man accused of killing seven people at Oikos University in Oakland in 2012, is incompetent to stand trial. Goh was previously declared mentally incompetent in 2013, but in July of this year, a psychiatrist deemed him fit to assist his attorneys. As Kron 4 reports, Alameda County Superior  Court Judge Gloria Rhynes disagrees.

[jump] “My decision doesn’t mean this trial will never occur, it just means it won’t happen yet. I’m very sorry for what brought you into this courtroom,” Rhynes told the victims’ family members.

Goh reportedly suffers from schizophrenia, severe depression, and delusional disorders. According to KQED, he believes that administrators at Oikos, a small Christian vocational university near the Oakland airport, were conspiring against him. Goh alleges that his car was tracked via GPS and that teachers at the school gave test answers to other students. Goh also claims that his landlord spied on him through a keyhole and left maggots on the floor of his home.

In a video interview with police hours after the 2012 shooting, Oikos confessed to the killings and said everyone treated him “like a laughingstock.” Per CBS, Goh also accused one of the students of making him feel like “some kind of pervert who thinks about sex all the time.”

Goh surrendered to Alameda police at a Safeway store about an hour after the shooting.

Although the trial has been shelved for now, there’s a possibility that Goh could be declared mentally competent in the future. For now, though, he will remain locked up in Napa State Hospital.

KQED notes that Goh has expressed a desire to stand trial, and apparently hopes to get the death sentence.

“Mr. Goh will not be released whether [he] is in a locked psychiatric facility or whether [he] is in a state prison,” said Assistant Public Defender Dave Klaus. 

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