Alleged Puppy Killer Faces Animal Cruelty Charges

Sadly, it's not the only recent case of murdered or abused animals in the Bay Area.

The alleged killer of a four-month-old puppy faces felony charges of animal cruelty, according to San Francisco Animal Care and Control.

Mark Allen Haberman has been arrested in connection with the death of a Pit Bull puppy named Skunky, whose body was found in Western Addition in November, Bay City News reports. Skunky died from an alleged blunt force trauma on the top of his head and his blood was found on items from Haberman’s home, according to animal care officials.

“How we treat animals is a reflection of who we are as a society,” said District Attorney George Gascon in a statement. “Animal abusers need to be held accountable for their actions.”

This latest news of animal cruelty comes as Oakland police and animal services are investigating the finding of three German shepherd puppies in the same location with severe injuries.

Two were initially found over Memorial Day weekend in a pile of garbage, malnourished and with a broken jaw and missing paw, respectively. That same weekend, another four-month-old German shepherd husky puppy was found in the same area with a broken jaw and bloody paws.

Rocket Dog Rescue stepped in to treat the dogs, who are now in city hands. Pet Food Express and PETA are offering a collective $10,000 reward for information that leads to an arrest of the person or people responsible.

The German shepherds have survived where others have not. A four-month-old Cocker Spaniel named Prince died in April after a 23-year-old man allegedly slammed him to the ground after assaulting a woman in a domestic violence dispute. After a month of searching for suspect Delos Pierre Gallon, police located and arrested him.

And in February, a four-year-old black and tan chihuahua mix named Dunky also died in a horrifying car break-in. Police arrested 35-year-old Wakeen Best in connection with the vehicle robbery in a Lower Nob Hill parking garage, which ended in Dunky being thrown to the street below.

While it seems like an obvious PSA, we’re offering it anyways: Animals do not exist to serve as toys to unleash human violence. Taking advantage of vulnerable animals — and fellow humans — simply doesn’t make you any more powerful.

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