America's Cup: A Day at the Races

Sunday was about as glorious an afternoon as San Francisco ever hosted. The sun shone brightly and the weather was Northern California perfect. Beautiful people and their dogs were everywhere. That there was an America's Cup World Series race taking place was almost an auxiliary pleasure. 

But, indeed, large numbers of big, expensive boats were ripping around the bay, serving as worthy photographic backdrops for those beautiful people and their dogs. 
The qualities that led Cup organizers and their city cheerleaders to salivate over the possibilities of a San Francisco event were on full display. A small armada of huge ships sailed past the assembled throng at a distance of perhaps 35 yards; you could clearly see the sailors intensely scurrying about the ships. It was entertaining, exciting — and free. If anyone doubted that the world's best sailors piloting fast and unstable boats in close proximity to the shore would be fun to watch — well, you're wrong. 
On the other hand, those worried that the forthcoming America's Cup will be a costly debacle which will bleed San Francisco for millions likely still feel that way. 

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