Ammiano Calls Pelosi and Fenstein “Moms”

Chronicle columnists Phillip Matier and Andrew Ross wrote in their Sunday installment about the most recent developments in the Olympic torch debacle. Apparently Supervisor Tom Ammiano thinks Newsom is going to be forced to make a choice between heeding House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's counsel that he speak out against China's dismal human rights record or following the advice of Senator Dianne Feinstein who is arguing in favor of discretion. And here's the terms in which Ammiano has decided to describe the debate:

“Gavin's situation kind of reminds me of that kids book, 'Heather Has Two Mommies,'…Only in this case, the moms are Nancy Pelosi and Dianne Feinstein – and they're pulling him in two different directions.What's a boy to do?”

What better way to discredit female politicians and their opinions than to compare them to carping, finger wagging mommies? Women in power. They're so controlling and they just love to infantalize their male counterparts. And what better way to kick sand in Newsom's eyes then to reduce him to a little boy that gets picked on by the girls? Hillary Clinton tears up and she's a weak, wussy, ineffective leader. Feinstein and Pelosi dare to offer their opinions to the mayor and they're overbearing “moms” who “pull” at their charge. What's a girl to do? -Andy Wright

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