An Alamo Square Produce Stand?

Alamo Square is one of the most photographed places in the city, if not on God's green earth. But precious few photos of Alamo Square have a gorgeous produce stand in the background. Simply put, that's because Alamo Square doesn't have a produce stand. Getting the permitting to hawk vegetables in the midst of a well-heeled tourist Mecca would require hurdles that even Jesse Owens could have cleared.

From the way the woman caught in this photograph was lovingly placing the zucchinis just so, it soon became apparent that selling the lovely vegetables wasn't the stated goal today. It turns out the produce was part of a backdrop for a forthcoming set of advertisements featuring attractive people frolicking in the grass, the ubiquitous Painted Ladies, and, for some reason, a produce stand. “They said they wanted a vegetable stand,” said one of the small army of employees working the shoot.

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