Angry Neighbor to SF Fire Fighters: Turn That Racket Down

Consarnit, you kids, always driving your fire trucks up and down the street! Saving people, and making a big to-do about it! Blowing your horns, blasting your air sirens, saying ‘Look at me!’ From today’s Chronicle:

…a large group of citizens in the city's center – the Tenderloin, Polk Street, South of Market and central Market areas – have had enough. Three years ago, Fire Chief Joanne Hayes-White signed a general work order saying that fire truck air horns should be limited to “high-risk” situations, but neighbors say little has changed and they are leaning on the chief to do more.

Tenderloin resident Michael Pedersen describes a dire scene:

“It's mind-boggling the number of calls. We can't have this every 10 or 15 minutes … You see kids crying, mothers don't know what to do. It's completely wacko, uncivilized.”

There's a reason it's called a “three -alarm fire” and not a “three-tracks-by-Enya fire.” -Andy Wright

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