Ann Coulter Bleeped on MSNBC, Calls John McCain a “Douchebag”

If only news outlets would bleep out Ann Coulter's craziness more often. This morning, the conservative firebrand's comments were muted several times while she railed on Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), apparently calling him a “douchebag” on MSNBC's Morning Joe.

And to think, that's not nearly the most offensive and evil thing Coulter has said lately. However, after Mark Halperin was suspended this summer for calling President Barack Obama a “dick” on the show, producers weren't taking their chances, we assume.

Coulter was talking about consistency in politics, when she was cut off several

times for a total of 13 seconds — as if her mic went out, according to a video of the exchange posted

by Politico. Host Joe Scarborough had asked that the segment be censored, but viewers were able to glean from the conversation that followed.

When the sound came back, Coulter seemed surprised and asked:  “What did I say? 'Douchebag'?”

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