Anonymous Accuses Feds of “Fear-Mongering,” Denies Plans to Attack Power Grid

Earlier today, we gave readers a heads up that Anonymous could soon have the ability to wipe out our power grid, further screwing citizens. But after the National Security Agency released the news of this domestic threat, Anonymous sent out a tweet today calling the NSA's claims “baseless fear-mongering.”

In short, the online hacking group might be many things, but “domestic terrorist” isn't one of them. So Anonymous is using the NSA's warning, which was communicated via the Wall Street Journal today, as another opportunity to reiterate its overall message: Don't trust the government.

Here are two tweets that came from a Twitter account associated with Anonymous:

The NSA's reprehensible fear-mongering and attempts to discredit are transparent and baseless.

NSA's alarmist rhetoric & fear-mongering is reprehensible. They should focus on the myriad of current security holes.

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