Anonymous Eurobloggers Scoop LA Times on Sarah Palin's $93,000 Cal State Speech Bonanza

Soon, American political journalists will someday be replaced by:

A. Newswriting software

B. Twitter

C. Anonymous European hobbyists

Readers of a story from today's Los Angeles Times have reason to believe the answer is “C.”

A Thursday Times story with the headline “Paliln to receive $75,000 for Cal State Stanislaus appearance sources say” is actually a retread from a post on the website “Palingates,” run by anonymous anti-Palinists living in Europe.

The site on Monday ran a story, based on anonymous sources, titled: “Sarah Palin's secret speaking fee revealed: CSU Stanislaus foundation pays Sarah Palin a fee of $75,000 plus $18,000 expenses.”

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