Another Good Reason Not to Own a Car in San Francisco

As KPIX reported earlier this month, car owners in San Francisco have started displaying polite notes in their car windows informing would-be thieves that nothing valuable is inside. Turns out drivers have more to worry about than just run-of-the-mill break-ins.
A new report from the National Insurance Crime Bureau lists the Bay Area as the nation’s number one “hot spot” for car theft. More than 29,000 cars were stolen in the region last year — about 633 per 100,000 people.

According to the report, California led the nation in car thefts, with seven of the top 10 “hot spots” in the Golden State. Bakersfield came in second with more than 5,000 thefts; Stockton-Lodi was third with more than 4,000; Modesto came in with more than 3,000; and Vallejo-Fairfield rounded out California’s top five with more than 2,400.

By contrast, the Houston metro area reported nearly 25,000 thefts last year, while New York metro reported just over 23,000, Chicago metro reported more than 20,000, and Miami metro reported 17,000.

With car break-ins up 70 percent during the last three years in San Francisco — and now high theft rates — Muni doesn’t seem so bad after all.

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