Another Law Enforcement Gun Stolen, This One in Burglary

Yet another firearm (formerly) belonging to a member of law enforcement is on the loose and unaccounted for in San Francisco, following a burglary in Visitacion Valley.

The San Francisco Examiner first reported a San Francisco Sheriff's deputy announced his home on the 300 block of Tocoloma Avenue was burglarized at 7:35 a.m. on Friday. Lost in the burglary was a 9mm Glock pistol, two magazines of ammunition, a bullet-proof vest, and a San Francisco police officer's badge, the newspaper reported.

The gun was stashed in a lock box, which was apparently stolen, gun and all, in the burglary. No suspects or arrests have been announced. 

And as we are all aware, this is not the first time a law enforcement officer's gun has gone missing.

[jump] Most notably, a Bureau of Land Management agent's stolen gun was used to shoot and kill Kate Steinle at Pier 14 last summer, giving Donald Trump a stick to bash San Francisco with. Last month, an ICE agent's gun was reported stolen.

In the East Bay, the gun of the UC Berkeley police chief was stolen out of her car while she was out jogging.

It appears the sheriff's deputy at least was doing everything right. The gun was secured as required, and the theft was reported immediately. 

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