Another Publicity-Seeker Makes Wild Claims About Having Solved Zodiac Case — And, Yikes, This One Was Law Enforcement

Is there a syndrome for thinking your dad committed famous murders?

​As if police didn't already have their hands full with loonies and conspiracy theorists calling in tips about who the Zodiac Killer is, they can now add a freakin' ex-cop to their list.

“Steve Hodel is not just anybody claiming his father is the Zodiac,” announced a recent press release from Hodel's publicist. “He spent 24 years as a homicide detective with the L.A.P.D. with one of the highest 'solve rates' in the department.”

If that's true, we humbly suggest that the LAPD check back over those cases and make sure Hodel didn't simply blame his father for all of them. He seems to enjoy doing that. 

Hodel claims that his surgeon and Chronicle reporter father, Dr. George Hodel, sliced the Black Dahlia in half in 1947 (he's written another book arguing as much), and in 1946 dismembered six-year-old Suzanne Degnan in Chicago. Oh yeah, Hodel also thinks his father was the Lipstick Killer.

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