Anti-Immigrant Banner Slapped Onto Bay Bridge

Alt-right “awakened Europeans” group Identity Evropa continues to agitate over San Francisco’s Sanctuary City policy with banner on Bay Bridge tunnel.

The generally welcoming city of San Francisco was a little less welcoming for a few hours Sunday, as a banner decrying our Sanctuary City policy was unfurled this weekend above a motor tunnel entering the Bay Bridge. The alt-right organization Identity Evropa hung a banner on a westbound I-80 tunnel that declared “Danger, Sanctuary City Ahead” according to the San Francisco Examiner.

Identity Evropa is described by Wikipedia as “a neo-Nazi and white supremacist organization,” and by the Anti-Defamation League as a “white supremacist group focused on the preservation of ‘white American culture’ and promoting white European identity.” Identity Evropa describes themselves as a “awakened Europeans” (which sounds like the exact opposite of “woke”), and they’ve been in local news recently for their makeshift Kate Steinle memorials and for their founder punching a 95-pound woman at a Berkeley rally. The group also played a role in organizing last August’s Charlottesville neo-Nazi rally at which a counterprotestor and two Virginia state troopers were killed.

“PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT FROM IDENTITY EVROPA,” the group declared in a Sunday morning tweet calling attention to their banner. “San Francisco is a dangerous sanctuary city where the law does not apply to illegal invaders.  Enter at your own risk!”

The Chronicle reports that the banner was removed by Sunday afternoon, though it remains unclear who removed it. “It’s my understanding it was only up there very briefly,” California Highway Patrol spokesperson Vu Williams told the Chronicle.

The banner was hung amidst rumors of widespread sweeps targeting undocumented immigrants by the federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency (ICE). San Francisco law enforcement has been adamant they will not assist these efforts. “San Francisco prioritizes using our limited law enforcement resources to actually fight crime, not break up hardworking families,” City Attorney Dennis Herrera said in a statement. “We leave it to the federal government to enforce immigration law.”

SF Weekly reached Identity Evropa for comment. “Identity Evropa is an identitarian organization that opposes mass immigration and the displacement of European Americans in the U.S.,” Identity Evropa CEO says in a statement to SF Weekly. “Real nations have identifiable ethno-cultural majorities, and if the United States is to exist as an American nation, our citizens must be warned of the danger that demographic fracture and cultural conflict brings.”

This publication will reiterate our position that San Francisco is fucking amazing and we don’t care what bloodthirsty racists think.

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