Are Gang Injunctions Working?

A victim of a recent shooting in the Mission District was listed on a 2007 gang injunction against Norteno gang members. Yet the cops and the city attorney's office are still calling the injunction a success.

Some might call that optimistic.

Lt. Jim Miller, the commanding officer of the SFPD Gang Task Force, told SF Weekly Monday that one of the four people shot in the recent tit-for-tat gang violence in the Mission District during the last month was himself on the gang injunction list.

Miller wouldn't name him, but just said the man was shot on 24th Street —  right in the heart of the injunction's “safety zone.” Miller says that if police determine that he was shot while violating the injunction — which bans the listed gang-bangers from congregating, flashing gang signs, or wearing gang colors — he'll be arrested.

“We may need to arrest him when he recovers,” Miller says. “That's part of the reason for the injunction, to keep these guys safe, because if you're not in the this area where people are looking for you, you won't get hurt.”

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