Arrrrgh, Mendozer: Octogenarian Raconteur to Tell All On 'Treasure Island' Scribe

John Gaul has many a story to tell. But it is a race occasion, such as this, that he will

By Joe Eskenazi

Listen! John Gaul has come unstuck in time.

Bedecked in a bowler hat, a sky blue shirt, a red-striped tie and with a Liberty's head dollar dangling from a chain on his houndstooth gray vest just above his steel-plated cane, Gaul looks as if he's just clambered out of a portrait of Charles Darwin, late in life.

But Gaul does not want to talk about the artificial selection of pigeons in Victorian London, as Darwin did in the first chapter of “On the Origin of Species.” No, the 82-year-old wants to tell you a story about the creator of Treasure Island – and he doesn't mean that hunk of landfill in the middle of the Bay.

At 7:30 p.m. on Tuesday, Nov. 13, Gaul will revive a tradition…

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