Bag Fee: It's Day One and the World Has Not Yet Ended

When San Francisco banned plastic grocery bags in 2007, the city nearly tore its rotator cuff patting itself on the back with gusto. Today, however, marks the first day that the city has enacted a grocery bag measure that will actually do what the '07 ban was ostensibly meant to do: help the environment and reduce bag consumption.

You didn't miss the parade. There wasn't one. It says a bit about San Francisco that we were thrilled to be first to enact publicity-generating, feel-good legislation of dubious effectiveness or scientific merit, but no one really seems to much care about finally getting around to adopting a real and meaningful policy.

Well, at least we've done it. As SF Weekly noted in a cover story and subsequent coverage, the only way other cities and countries have sacked runaway bag use was by crafting legislation that looks a lot like San Francisco's new status quo. 
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Can San Francisco Finally Get a Bag Ban Right?

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