Ballot Fun: “The People of S.F. Make Up One-Third of S.F.'s Population”

James Fang: Not a mathematician. . .or a grammarian.

By Will Harper

At the bottom of San Francisco’s Voter Information Pamphlet is a disclaimer that says the ballot arguments “are printed as submitted. Spelling and grammatical errors have not been corrected.”

That, my friends, is not good news for those of us who wince at every misuse of “your” and “you’re” and generally like our reading material to be properly punctuated, without, gratutious, comma’s (sic), and apostrophe’s (sic).

While I expected to see a lot of bad grammar in the voter pamphlet, I was surprised to see the almost nonsensical submission from BART director James Fang, the president of Asian Week. You figure that, since Fang owns a newsweekly, he could find someone to proofread his ballot argument against Prop. H, the public power measure. Apparently not.

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