Ballot Fun

Real excerpts from S.F.'s 272-page Voter Information Pamphlet.

While I never claim to be a mathematician, but how can have lower if we first have to pay a whopping 4 billion dollars!
—From Asian Week president James Fang's typo-ridden paid argument against the Clean Energy Act

Faces are red
Uniforms are blue
Fighting prostitution not homicide?!
I'd be embarrassed as hell too!
—Libertarian Phil Berg's poem in support of Prop. K, which would decriminalize prostitution

Prostitution is a racist, sexist activity that drives human trafficking, a form of slavery.
—From an argument against Prop. K

JROTC is a program of a homophobic military.
—LGBT activists' argument against Prop. V, which recommends keeping the Junior Reserve Officers' Training Corps in public schools

Besides, if we name the local sewage plant after Bush, then what's left to name after Jesse Helms?
—Argument against Prop. R, which would rename the Oceanside Water Treatment Plant the “George W. Bush Sewage Plant”

Need Bush memor'l?
Sewage plant available
How appropriate
—Haiku supporting Prop. R

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