Ballsy Man Allegedly Smuggles 100 Pounds of Weed on Flight From SFO

The easiest way to transport a large cargo of weed is to fly it across the country, which is allegedly what one ballsy San Jose man did this week.

[jump] Trang Pham, 31, was arrested on suspicion of marijuana trafficking after he arrived at Logan International Airport in Boston on Wednesday, towing a suitcase stuffed with 100 pounds of pot.

As KPIX reports, Pham flew out of SFO, and while he was en route, police in a Boston suburb notified authorities at Logan that a man carrying “a large amount of marijuana” would be disembarking from the Delta Air Lines flight.

A drug-sniffing Belgian Malinois named Zeva was brought in to suss out the weed, which allowed police to execute a search warrant. A package of marijuana wrapped in heat-sealed plastic was discovered in Pham’s suitcase, although it’s unclear how it got past security at SFO.

Pham was arraigned yesterday. 

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