BART Boosts Pay for Officers Over Four Years

The $10,000 hiring bonuses will also continue into 2019 to bring more officers into the ranks.

BART officers will receive a 16 percent pay raise over the next four years as part of a contract unanimously approved on Thursday.

As BART Board of Directors authorized the contract, they said a new labor package was needed for its officers to resemble average salaries in the region. Officers will receive a one-time salary increase by six percent and annual raises just under three percent, Bay City News reports.

“Bay Area law enforcement agencies often are competing to hire the best candidates out of a shrinking pool of qualified applicants,” said BART police Chief Carlos Rojas in a statement. “This agreement will make us a more attractive destination for potential hires.”

Part of the contract also allows outside contractors to conduct background checks for officers. To become fully staffed, the department is extending a $10,000 hiring bonus that began in 2017 into the new year.

As of October, BART hired another 24 officers, surpassing the 16 who were hired in 2017. Seven community officers have also joined the ranks to help with parking and the new proof-of-payment system.

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