BART Chief “Comfortable” with Officer-Involved Shooting

BART is still reeling from the effects of the Oscar Grant shooting, with emotions resurfacing a few weeks ago when former BART cop Johannes Mehserle was released early from prison. Now the transit agency is again in an uneasy position after an officer shot and killed an unidentified man on the platform this weekend.

Chief Kenton Rainey defended the officer's actions, telling reporters that the officer who shot the knife-wielding man, who was apparently drunk, feared for his safety. And yes, the officer had a Taser, but chose not to use it.

“At this point, I can't answer that question,” Rainey told reporters when asked why the BART cop didn't use it instead of his gun. “But the Taser is a tool and when you're confronted with deadly force … it's a tool that the officer can choose to use, or cannot choose to use.

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