BART Driver Reports Assault, Riders Evacuated

Friday morning’s commute was disrupted for a reported 40 minutes after a BART operator was allegedly assaulted on the train.

You may have had a rough commute if you were on BART at around 9:30 Friday morning, but you didn’t have it as bad as the BART driver. A train operator alleges being hit in the face by a disruptive passenger, and reports to the San Francisco Chronicle indicate that all riders were asked to leave the train at the 24th and Mission Street station.

This is an alleged assault. BART spokesperson Alicia Trost denied to the Chronicle that a driver was hit in the face, though did acknowledge that police were called to handle the passenger in question.

But according to Josh Koehn’s account in the Chronicle, “A Chronicle staffer was on the delayed train in which an operator announced she was hit in the face over the loudspeaker before walking through the cars to inform passengers she would manually open the doors so they could exit at the 24th and Mission station platform.”

The unnamed Chronicle staffer says that train service toward the East Bay was delayed 40 minutes.

The alleged assault comes right on the heels of a San Francisco Examiner report that Muni operators have been “vomited on, spat on, beaten, sucker punched, shot with fire extinguishers, and threatened with murder.” On the BART side, the system has added surveillance monitors to platforms in the wake of the stabbing of 18-year-old Nia Wilson at MacArthur Station.

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