BART Police Using Force: Citizen Complaints Skyrocket Since Oscar Grant Shooting

It's safe to say at this point those once lively Monday evening BART protests are now deemed dead on arrival. But perhaps a new audit of citizen complaints against BART police officers will flare protesters' tempers again.

The transit today agency released an internal review that details the number of complaints against BART police, and how often those complaints are due to unnecessary use of force. According to the report, which was compiled by the agency's Internal Affairs Office, there were 66 “issues of concern” from citizens in 2010. Of those, 41 were investigated as formal citizen complaints. The rest were only considered comments of non-complaint and were not investigated. 

Roughly 21 percent of all the formal complaints had to do with use of force issues, including “control hold,” handguns being pointed, drawn, or displayed, and “take downs.”

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