Batshit San Francisco: Rabid Bat Turns Up In The Marina

Warning: if you or your pet has come into contact with a bat in the Marina in the past week or so, you might have (gulp) rabies. If so, do yourself a favor and call 415-554-2830, so health officials can take you out behind the barn and shoot you. Little Old Yeller reference folks. Not funny.

Yes, as odd as it sounds, an ill, rabies-infected creature of the night turned up lovingly wrapped in a towel at the intersection of Beach St and Cervantes Blvd late last week. The little bugger was euthanized and yesterday tests came back positive for rabies, which apparently isn't so uncommon. According to the Chronicle rabid bats are the leading cause of rabies in humans. Who knew? (via SFist)

— Brian Bernbaum

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