Bay Area City Offering Free College Tuition

Mountain View Working Scholars is a free bachelor’s degree program, but you have to live or work in Mountain View to enroll.

Will we really see free college tuition enacted in our lifetimes? One Bay Area town has figured out a way, but it probably helps to have Google headquarters in your town.

The city of Mountain View has enacted the Mountain View Working Scholars program, which does indeed offer a free, accredited four-year university degree. The tech company benefactor is not Google, but instead online course provider who’ve partnered with the Mountain View Chamber of Commerce and Thomas Edison State College.

“Through the partnership, working adults can earn a bachelor’s degree from an accredited four-year university entirely online by taking college courses from and Thomas Edison State University,” said in a release. “Approximately 45% of adults over the age of 25 living in Mountain View do not have a bachelor’s degree. With the high costs of rents, home prices and other living expenses in the bay area, a college degree can be the key to unlocking greater earning potential.”

It should be noted that students are required to live and work in Mountain View to get the free courses. While the program is available to anyone at any age or education level, it is “designed for students who have not previously earned any college credit” according to the degree plan.

There are currently 30 students enrolled in the program, while another 200 have applied. If you live or work in Mountain View, you can apply too.

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