Bay Guardian Defends the Status Quo — Again

Whenever SF Weekly pens a cover story critiquing the inefficient, unaccountable nature of San Francisco's government, the Guardian can be counted on to spring forth with a spirited defense of the status quo. Apparently, defending the status quo is what makes you a real progressive in this city, counterintuitively enough. 

“Joe Eskenazi has an SF Weekly piece that pretty much repeats what he's been saying for years: That San Francisco has too much government,” writes Tim Redmond in a Wednesday afternoon blog post
First of all, it's a distinct honor to be accused of riding a hobby horse by Redmond and the Guardian, who've been railing for public power since moments after Nikola Tesla developed the alternating-current generator
Second, Redmond seems to think the sole points of my story are that we have too much government and that San Francisco is “crazy.” He then tears into that straw man with gusto.

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