Bazooka Buyback Story Blows Past San Francisco

A bazooka was turned in during a no-questions-asked gun buyback event.

At a gun buyback over the weekend, an anti-tank rocket was one such weapon turned in and quickly stole the spotlight.

United Playaz partnered with the San Francisco Police Department to buy firearms during the holiday season, which tends to attract more sellers. Saturday’s buyback added more than 270 firearms to the hundreds that have been removed over the years, according to United Playaz founder Rudy Corpuz.

“I know it’s probably a raindrop in the ocean,” Corpuz told SF Weekly, adding, “I know the ripple effect of one gun, one bullet.”

As amusing — or frightening — as the bazooka-like weapon bit was here, other outlets in places like Pittsburgh, Pa., Corpus Christi, Tx., Kansas City, Mo., and Colorado Springs, Co. picked it up. 

Atlanta’s NBC affiliate even titled its post “Someone turned a bazooka in at a gun buyback event – seriously.”

Only the story of the SPCA robot that was accused of patrolling homeless people before being covered in various items, has made non-regional and statewide news since a verdict was reached in the Kathryn Steinle trial

Since the no-questions-asked event keeps its word, it would be a waste to wait for answers about this particular bazooka.

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