Behind the scenes: SF Weekly rolling off the presses

Have you ever wondered how SF Weekly gets from us, to you the readers? Our Art Director Sophia Valdes stopped by The San Francisco Newspaper Printing Co. this week as the presses were rumbling and shot this video showing how the magic happens.

On this press, it still starts with aluminium plates where the image of each page of the paper are  transferred from the digital files of the pages that Valdes designs and sends to the press. The content of the plates are ultimately printed onto the rolls of newsprint that glide through at speeds that will amaze you. Occasionally, the paper may break requiring the workers there to stop the presses, and they also adjust the color and tones along the way.  But essentially the presses of The San Francisco Newspaper Printing Co. roll 24/7 printing SF Weekly and several other publications, including the San Francisco Examiner.

In the end, in a process that is completely automated, the papers roll out fully assembled on a conveyor belt that looks like the baggage claim area of an airport. Bundled, they are loaded onto trucks and ultimately delivered to newspapers boxes and other locations throughout the city.

We think the whole process is pretty cool. We hope you do too.


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