Berkeley's Marine Corp Hatred Not as Cheap as It Used to Be

The hits keep coming for Berkeley, whose city council called local marine recruiters “unwelcome intruders” and then hastily retracted their statement due to the shit storm the statement inspired. The Oakland Tribune reports that Berkeley city leaders have calculated the tab for the cost of the protests sparked by the controversy, which includes supplies and police overtime. The grand total? A tidy $93,500. Although the council offered an apology that amounted to “I’m very sorry you feel that way”, it wasn’t enough for some cranky marine supporters. The Chronicle reports that South Carolina Republican Sen. Jim DeMint introduced a bill into the senate today to strip Berkeley of $2.1 million in federal earmarks and give the money to the Marine Corps instead. It’s unlikely the bill will pass, with senator Barbara Boxer remarking, “”Why on Earth would we punish good, decent citizens because some members of their local government or their sewer district or the mosquito abatement district or water district, any of their districts, say something that's highly offensive?” Points for mentioning the mosquito abatement district, those West Nile Virus-eradicating muthafuckas are RACIST. -Andy Wright

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