Best Twitter Responses to Kony 2012

A campaign against the infamous butcher of Ugandan children has become more famous than, say, Mitt Romney — overnight. 
By now, everyone knows who Joseph Kony is: a guerilla rebel, forcing his child army in Uganda to kidnap or kill other children as a unjustified form of his power. Kony is the most wanted man by the International Criminal Courts for his countless crimes against humanity.
Masses of people for world peace are jumping on the bandwagon of a nonprofit organization, Invisible Children's (IC) campaign to make “Kony” a household name. Its viral documentary claimed 10 million hits in less than 24 hours. IC believes internet hype will motivate the government to attack the man in the middle of Africa, whom IC compares to Hitler. 
Because IC is primarily using social media to fuel its campaign, Twitter is aflutter with endearing, hilarious, skeptical, and downright dumb responses to the Kony 2012 campaign (#stopkony).

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