Bicyclists Put $100,000 Bounty on Stanley Roberts' Head

San Francisco bicyclists have always despised KRON 4's Stanley Roberts, but since the SFPD launched a crackdown on cyclists who disobey traffic laws, Roberts has been elevated to cyclists' Public Enemy No. 1 (with the exception, perhaps, of Park Station Captain John Sanford).

[jump] The mutual antagonism between bikers and Roberts has now reached satiric proportions. An ad posted to Craigslist's “bicycle parts for sale by owner” category is bluntly entitled “FUCK STANLEY ROBERTS,” and assigns a $100,000 bounty to his head.

“THERE IS A WAR OUTSIDE. STANLEY ROBERTS = CYCLIST ENEMY #1,” the ad reads. There's also a link to this Instagram video:

As expected, Roberts responded with his usual blasé sarcasm: “What do I have to do to make it 1 million! #gottaUpMyGame,” he wrote on Facebook.

Meanwhile, Roberts' latest “People Behaving Badly” segment continued his campaign against misbehaving cyclists.


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