Blood, Sweat, and Canvas: Remembering the Struggle for LGBT Rights

Trimming the Bushes for Pride

San Francisco Gay Pride wouldn't be the carnival it is without the assistance of hungry goats. It's true: Fifty grass-eating goats have been employed to munch away the greenery on Twin Peaks this past week, clearing space for the city's annual Pink Triangle installation — a fixture of Gay Pride. According to the Public Works Department, the cleaning crew is an environmentally friendly alternative to clearing the weeds with machinery and herbicides. “Thank God for goats. They can navigate the steep terrain nimbly and access areas that our employees would have a much harder time traversing safely to get the job done,” says Mohammed Nuru, director of the DPW. “Plus, goats are eco-friendly and really fun to see in the middle of San Francisco.” And, the goats' poop adds nutrients to the soil and their urine slows weed growth. A large fence has been erected around the 1-acre site to make sure the goats, employed by City Graze, don't wander off. After the goats' work is done, volunteers will install the pink triangle on the Twin Peaks hillside on Saturday, June 28, at 7 a.m. Read more about the history of the triangle on Page 18.

Jackfruit for the Home Team, Bro

Leave it to the San Francisco 49ers to bring tofu-eaters and football fans together in one room. Levi's Stadium, the new home of the San Francisco 49ers, will offer 14 vegan options and 26 vegetarian items at every game, and at least one vegan option at every concession stand, according to Centerplate, the stadium's food vendor. Thus, One Green Planet, an online food guide, has dubbed Levi's Stadium “The Most Vegan-Friendly Stadium in the Country.” Centerplate President Des Hague said the company has worked for years “to usher in a new era of fan experience,” and they're not just referring to baby carrots and greens. The new vegan menu will offer items including baozi, curries, tortas, navy bean curry, a portobello boa bun, and a BBQ jackfruit sandwich, to name a few. The pigskin will be made of yam.

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