Bohemian Grove Protesters Hold Stress Positions In Solidarity with Torture Victims To Protest Elitist Pow Wow

No one is allowed in to see the hi-jinks of the old boys club inside the Bohemian Grove, but we certainly can see the oddities going on outside of it, thanks to these photos on

The rich and powerful of the WASPy Bohemian Club reported for aging frat boy duty last weekend to the Bohemian Grove in Sonoma County. The San Francisco-based club's annual gathering pulls in the likes of Henry Kissinger, George H.W. Bush, and Jimmy Buffett to frolic amid the redwoods each July, to get back to nature, and behave like Men.

The events can get a little strange, like the fabled “Cremation of Care” ceremony in which a human in effigy is burned at the foot of a giant owl. Fight fire with fire, I guess — because it seems the dudes who showed up to protest it this year are just as weird.

As posted on IndyBay and, the 9-11 conspiracy theorist protesters arrived wearing orange jumpsuits and black hoods, and held stress positions “in solidarity with victims of the fraudulent War on Terror.”

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