Breaking: Bear Baiter Beats the Rap

Kenneth Herron, who yesterday had the trespassing charge tossed following his foray into the San Francisco Zoo Grizzly Grotto, today beat the one remaining charge — “willfully disturbing a wild and dangerous animal — to wit, bears.”

Herron, 21, who has a history of mental illness, will be released by the San Francisco Sheriff's department to officials in either Sacramento or Union City — “both of which have criminal holds placed on the defendant for open criminal matters,” according to San Francisco's District Attorney's office.

Earlier today we noted that even legal scholars were shocked that Herron beat the criminal trespassing charge — until they noted that the fine print of the law requires not just wandering onto someone else's property, but doing so with the intent of residing there. “Holy mackerel,” USF law professor Bob Talbot told SF Weekly. “You can go into a bear place, spend the night, and not violate any laws.”

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