BREAKING: Wild West of Weed Continues as Marijuana Regulations Fail

California lawmakers said “no” to the Attorney General of the United States, and “yes” to the unregulated gray area that's plagued medical marijuana when the Legislature today killed a last-minute bill to enact strong statewide regulations on the drug.

The effort failed once before in the spring, when Assemblyman Tom Ammiano (D-San Francisco) didn't corral enough votes for his plan to put the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control in charge of California's medical cannabis industry. Unlike everything else in regulation and tax-happy California, there's no statewide oversight for weed in Sacramento.

A last-ditch effort inspired by federal Attorney General Eric Holder — whose Justice Department signaled that it wouldn't meddle with state-legal weed as long as the states took control — began last week with a parliamentarian trick to get the legislation in ahead of today's deadline.

But the law enforcement lobby in Sacramento won out. So it's wait until next year — and pray the feds leave us alone in the meantime.

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