Breed Uses Reddit AMA To Boast Pro-Development Stance

If you didn’t know Sup. London Breed plans to build, build, build if elected mayor, now you do.

The internet got Board of Supervisors President London Breed all to itself Friday morning during an Ask Me Anything Reddit thread hosted by the mayoral hopeful herself.

For a little more than an hour, Breed fielded questions on everything from homelessness to transportation, pouncing on any opportunity to plug her policy accomplishments as District 5 supervisor. In all, she mostly stayed away from the more detailed policy questions on housing and development though, especially ones like this doozy:

“Would you rather fight 100 duck-sized NIMBYZ or one horse-sized NIMBYZ?” Redditor cunty-cuntington asked.

Nobody, including Breed, chimed in to lend cunty-cuntington a hand with the thread’s obvious choice for most brilliant question of the morning, but that didn’t stop Breed from discussing “NIMBYZ” in other ways.

When asked how she planned to continue Mayor Lee’s policy of building or rehabilitating 5,000 new units every year, Breed responded in a very much pro-SB 827, get those NIMBYs out of here kind of way.

We need to streamline the approval process,” Breed responded. “Affordable and code-compliant projects should be able to get approved much more quickly. And when projects are entitled, i.e. approved by Planning, we need to make sure they get their permits more quickly so they can start building.”

So it’s no surprise that Breed, who recently notched the endorsement of pro-development outfit YIMBY Action, also took time to support the YIMBY’s November ballot proposition, which would streamline approval of 100 percent affordable and teacher housing projects in San Francisco.

“I support this ballot measure! Affordable housing projects should get through our city processes faster,” she said.

But aside from calling for more housing at all affordability levels, and mentioning a $1 billion housing bond, Breed dodged pointed questions about her support of SB 827, State Sen. Scott Weiner’s controversial housing bill that would upzone 90 percent of San Francisco.

The one question related to SB 827 that Breed did answer referred to upgrading public transportation in a city facing rapid population growth, even without the increased housing that would come with the state legislation. Breed called for a second BART tube, more subways, more Bus Rapid Transit lines, and an expanded capacity aboard Muni.

In all, Breed answered about 20 questions on a variety of topics including increases in property crime, gentrification in Chinatown, and homelessness. When asked what her first act as mayor would be if elected, she said: “I am going to get to work immediately on tackling the remaining tent encampments and getting people off the streets and into housing.”

Read the entire conversation on Reddit.

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