Breitbart Blogger Back in S.F., Ready to Confront John Avalos

Last week, while covering a public meeting concerning San Francisco's Sanctuary City laws, Breitbart News scribe Lee Stranahan — a self-described protege of the conservative news site/home for online agitators' eponymous founder — became the story. 

And today, the story continues. Stranahan, a self-described pro-law enforcement, anti-immigrant activist, says he’ll be back in the Legislative Chamber today vowing to take on the mighty sword of Supervisor John Avalos.

There’s no doubt Stranahan will be armed with a recording device and his Twitter account as he asks Avalos if the supervisor will “renounce the Chicano separatist, secessionist views of Freedom Road Socialist Michelle Foy.”

Presumably he will do this during public comment, which will be far less entertaining than even a fart from Walter Paulson.

[jump] Stranahan’s beef with Avalos started last week after the right-wing lunatic blogger was temporarily removed from the Board of Supervisors meeting after he turned his recording device on the audience, which caused a stir and disrupted the proceedings.

Despite the very real fact that Stranahan was allowed back into the meeting — where he was hoping to glean nuggets for his latest attack on undocumented immigrant residents of the U.S. — he and Breitbart News have been motoring along on the victim train ever since.

On Monday, they published a screed with the all-caps headline “TREASON: DANGEROUS AGENDA BEHIND S.F. SANCTUARY CITY GROUP” in which Stranahan posits the idea that Causa Justa is really a front for a wide network of separatists hoping to “Make America Mexico Again” — the slogan inscribed on some parody hats for sale online — as well as take over the South for African Americans, and give American Indians their land back.
And how does “lead investigative reporter” Stranahan know this? Because a member of Causa Justa’s board, Michelle Foy, is also a member of Freedom Road Socialist Organization, which fights against oppression in the U.S. (at last check, the oppressors are still winning).

Remember all those people who said President Barack Obama is a terrorist because he knows Bill Ayers? Yup, these folks all get invited to each other’s tea parties where they discuss how awful it is to be a white male American. Then they shoot guns and stuff.

Of course, the entire reason Stranahan was in San Francisco at all last week was to hear supervisors debate the merits of strengthening the city’s sanctuary policy for undocumented immigrants.

Conservatives believe sanctuary policies allow criminals safe haven in U.S. cities, even though they are clearly defined to help folks by weeding out the bad guys. These realities, like many things that don’t serve one’s agenda, are lost on Stranahan.

He, like Donald Trump and everyone else who hates immigrants, brings up the death of Kate Steinle last year in which an undocumented immigrant named Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez is charged with her killing. Lopez-Sanchez has a rap sheet and convictions on minor offenses, and was not deported because he has never been a violent criminal.

The sanctuary policy protects non-violent offenders, but mostly the legions of undocumented immigrants who just come here in hopes of bettering their lives. Stranahan doesn’t seem to give a shit about that, since of course Breitbart News refers to undocumented residents as “illegal aliens.”

Next week the board is expected to revisit changes to the sanctuary policy. Stranahan will certainly be in attendance again. Perhaps he can find a nice Airbnb somewhere in St. Francis Wood or the Marina, stay for the week, and truly soak up the city.

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