Burger King at 16th and Mission Shut Down

The Burger King croissan’wiched between major development proposals has windows boarded up and its phone is out of service.

It’s been a rough month for San Francisco’s jankiest fast food dives. After the sudden closure of the Civic Center Carl’s Jr. and the city buying the Haight Street McDonald’s (which remains open, but its days are numbered), the trifecta of indigestion is now complete with the shuttering of the infamously nasty Burger King restaurant at 16th Street and Mission Street.

Image: Joe Kukura, SF Weekly

SF Weekly has confirmed that this Burger King’s doors and windows are boarded over, and the phone number for this location is out of service. Anecdotal reports on Reddit note that passersby saw signs last week claiming it was a simple maintenance closure, but management may have been telling a Whopper. Eater SF reports the 2978 16th St. location has “permanently closed according to a Burger King representative from another San Francisco location.”

Rendering of what could become of the Burger King location, Maximus Real Estate

The sudden closure likely has something to do with looming mega-developments proposed on the 16th and Mission block. Three large parcels at 16th Street and Mission Street have been purchased by Maximus Real Estate in hopes of building a condo and apartment complex that has been nicknamed the “Monster in the Mission”. Maximus’ plans are still under Planning Commission review. But if approved, the development would require the closure of that corner’s standbys Walgreen’s, City Club bar, the Hwa Lei Market, and the Mission Hunan eatery, in addition to the now shuttered Burger King.

All three fast food restaurant closures of the last four weeks are unrelated, but do point to a trend of property owners realizing that the rewards of housing developments outweigh the risks of operating a fast food joint in a sketchy neighborhood.  

If you must get busy in a Burger King establishment, the are still nine San Francisco Burger King locations open for you to get your chicken fries on.

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