By 9 A.M., March Already Exceeded February’s Rainfall Total in S.F.

Feels like the beginning of a March Miracle, but we still need 15 inches for the rest of the winter to catch up.

That was quick. After a very dry February in which we only saw 0.42 inches of rain, March already exceeded it. By 9 a.m. this morning, Downtown San Francisco had received 0.44 inches.

That hardly qualifies as a March Miracle, but it’s a good start. There is some comfort in statistics: The city only got about 9 percent of its average rainfall for February (4.45 inches), and so far for March we’re already at 13 percent, with 30 more days to go.

There’s been something of an alternating month pattern all winter, too, with a October, December, and February being dry and November and January seeing rain. That might be numerological mumbo-jumbo but all signs point to the first half of March precipitation-heavy, as a series of storms is projected to bring rain to the area through next weekend — the Sierra, too.

Last week, we noted that drought conditions had advanced statewide, putting nearly all of California back in the “abnormally dry” category. But even though the final week of February was rather rain-free, the overall picture actually improved by a whisker. Granted, it’s going to take quite a bit of rain — an additional 15 inches or so — for us to stay in line with historical averages. But as of today, dodging the full on return of the drought looks distinctly more possible than it did even a couple weeks ago.

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