California Congressmen Push Spending Cuts on Federal Marijuana Enforcement

National budget hawks incensed over San Francisco's supposedly profligate spending ought to spend a few minutes in Congress, observing the dollar requests submitted by federal departments.

Take the $28.2 billion, 111,998-employee federal Department of Justice, for example. The country's 12,000 employees in United States Attorneys Offices rang up just short of $2 billion in salaries, according to government figures. At the Drug Enforcement Administration, the 8,300 agents and other staffers rang up another $2.03 billion, figures show.

That's a big pile of cash, ripe for the trimming by budget hawks like Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.), who had big plans to shave $500 billion from federal spending. And Rep. Sam Farr (D-Calif.) would like to lend a hand.

Farr introduced an amendment to the DOJ spending bill currently in Congress that would strip from the feds any money used to “prevent states from implementing their own state laws” allowing medical marijuana. Small government and small spending? Now that should be in the Tea Partiers' wheelhouse.

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